We are proudly from Tlacolula de Matamoros Oaxaca, a place where traditions are part of daily life. The market, food, parties and our family make our home a special place. Salvadores Mezcal is a family business and we want to pay tribute to our ancestors by rescuing the tradition of making mezcal. Every time we share our mezcal, we are sharing a part of our home and our family.

Available Classes
Joven, Reposado, Añejo
  • Capacity
    750 ml
  • Origin
    Oaxaca, México


  1. Hechizo ® Blanco

    It is a young triple distillation Mezcal that accentuates its power and freshness.

  2. Hechizo ® Reposado

    Rested in white oak barrels with a medium toasting process with which it acquires its softness and its characteristic color.

  3. Hechizo ® Añejo

    Drink Aged in white oak barrels for up to 7 years, which accentuates its smoky flavor and intense characteristics of cooked agave.

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