Rrëy ®

We created Cerveza Rrëy in 2015, a brand of craft beer proudly symbolic of Monte (Rrëy). Our goal is to offer a different flavor to what the consumer in Mexico is used to, we offer the opportunity to undertake an adventure of taste, smell, texture to what traditional beer offers us.

Available Classes
Kolsh, London



    Our Kölsch style was born together with the brand, being the first cheve we launched. It is a style that sets us apart, since it is not very common in the Mexican market. It is a well balanced light beer, with a refreshing taste, slightly bitter and with citrus notes.


    Shortly after the Kölsch was launched, our consumer began requesting that we launch a darker style. After trying many styles of cheve (IE market research), we came up with the “English Bitter” style and thought it would be something different, innovative and easy to take. This is where our Löndon style was born, in it you will taste notes of caramel, a touch of hops and the aroma of dried fruits.

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