RILO IMPORTS, one of the leading spirit importers and exporters in the USA. Creating a healthy, responsible and honest relationship between brand, retail and consumer.

About Us

RILO IMPORTS, one of the leading spirit importers and exporters in the USA, based in San Diego CA since 2000 and working in the states of Nevada, Florida, Michigan, Chicago, Arizona and California. Our product family represents an evolution of years of selections from the most talented and best reviewed spirit companies, we’re constantly searching for new members to add to our family.

Taking your product to the right point of purchase is our goal. Our professional sales team, creates a near relationships between the spirits, retails and consumer; making sure to select from our long list of retailers which ones makes the perfect fit, creating a healthy, responsible and honest relationship.

We acknowledge your brand requirements and develop a creative marketing plan, along with a high standard costumer service. In RILO IMPORTS we are constantly increasing our portfolio, welcoming new brands ready to make it in the USA market place. From small brand owners to already established products. Be part of our partnership, send us a message we’d love to hear from you.

Mario Lozano


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A loving spirits family that keeps the legacy alive. From a small brand repsentative to one of the most important import & exports companies in the USA.

Passion, spirits and heritage

Our story goes all back from when Mario Lozano Fathers was a young brand representative for Bacardi, that's where the love for spirits starts. After a few years of being in the business decides to start its own liquor stores, where he can finally combine its love and passion for liquor spirits and he's expertise in sales. When he became a father his dream to keep the legacy going came to life.

When his son, Mario Lozano (RILO IMPORTS CEO.) was at the right age it was introduced to the family business, and just as his father he became in love with it. A few years later he follows his dad's dreams and makes it bigger creating RILO IMPORTS, right now one of the leading import & export companies in the USA.

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